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Famous Tourist Spots in Zamboanga

Rizal Shrine (Dapitan City)
Dapitan is famous for being the place where Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero, was exiled by the Spaniards. He spent his last four years in this once unknown city, practicing medicine and farming as well. Many of his memorabilia and works can be found at the Rizal Shrine.

Dakak Beach Resort (Dapitan City)
The well-maintained resort boats of its fine white sand and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Gloria’s Fantasyland (Dapitan City)
This amusement park was recently established as the biggest theme park in Mindanao, comparable to the Enchanted Kingdom in Luzon.

Cogon Park (Dipolog City)
A favorite camping site of mountaineers, the Cogon Park is home to many mature trees that grow wild in the area such as Narra, Mahogany, and Rattan.

Sibuguey Bay (Zamboanga Sibugay)
Sibuguey Bay has several colorful coral formations and fish species which make it ideal for snorkeling.

Fort Pilar (Zamboanga City)
Named after the patroness Our Lady of the Pilar, Fort Pilar was founded as a garrison during the Spanish rule. Nowadays, all kinds of religion can be seen in this place, giving their respect to the miraculous patron saint. It also houses a National Museum worth visiting.

Paseo Del Mar (Zamboanga City)
This seafront park comes alive at night, as many locals and tourists alike flock to the area to have a taste of local food at an affordable price or to just hang out with families and friends.

Cawa Cawa Boulevard (Zamboanga City)
When the sun is about to set, it is best to go to Cawa-Cawa Boulevard where the sunset view is most breathtaking.

Barter Trade (Zamboanga City)
One can find many cheap local and imported goods sold here. Most of the stalls are owned by Muslims, and persistent buyers can haggle for an even cheaper price.

Yakan Weaving Center (Zamboanga City)
The Yakan weaved products are perfect as souvenirs from Zamboanga. Hand-woven by the local ethnic group, they come in many shapes and sizes, from long blankets to mini coin purses.

Sta. Cruz Island (Zamboanga City)
While many beaches boast of their powdery white sands, Sta Cruz Island is uniquely popular for its pink sand, formed from crushed corals washed into the shoreline.

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