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Buri Beach Resort

Buri Beach Resort

Hotel Address: Puerto Galera, Philippines
Rating: (4 star hotel)


About the Hotel

Buri Beach Resort is a stretch of heaven in Puerto Galera that provides you with your very own island of dreams. Sail across the bluest of waters to break free from the grind of the city. It is a shoreline blanketed by fine sand and verdant space lined by tropical palm. Our very own boat, designed for optimum safety and comfort, will bring you to this island of dreams.

Hotel Room Rates

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Accommodation Details

Suites that allow 6-10 persons display exotic architecture and interior design to you’re your stay at Buri Resort unforgettable. It has a spacious design with your own courtyard and bath. It is truly "A place for the senses".

The deluxe rooms, allowing 4-5 persons, are exotic cottages by a hill. They are woven together from sixty varieties of bamboo, a marvel of design and architecture. Feel free to lounge around, embrace the lazy soothing rhythms of the afternoon. The gentlest breeze wafting through calms senses and you become one with nature.

Buri Beach Resort Map

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A Hotel in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera can only be reached via land routes from Manila to Batangas.

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