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About Zamboanga and its History


The Zamboanga Peninsula is located in the southern portion of the Philippines. Since Zamboanga is located outside the typhoon belt, the province normally experiences a mild climate all year round. When visiting the area, tourists may be astounded by the fact that there are still many ethnic tribes residing all around town. One such group is called the Badjaos, or sea gypsies, who live on houseboats along seashores. Another group called the Yakans are known for their weaving skills; they weave a one of a kind pattern for blankets, wallets, and more that are ideal to bring home as souvenirs.

The Zamboanga Peninsula is divided into 4 parts, namely, Zamboange del Norte (“Twin City Province”), Zamboanga del Sur (“Gateway to Western Mindanao”), Zamboanga Sibugay, and Isabela City.

Brief History

Because of Zamboanga’s strategic location, many species of flowers are able to bloom in the city; in fact, the term “zamboanga” came from “jambangan” which means “Land of Flowers.” They are greatly influenced by the Spanish culture which can be seen in many historical spots and heard in the local dialect Chavacano, which is often described as a broken Spanish language.

Zamboanga History (Wikipedia)

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