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About Subic and its History


Located in the province of Zambales, Subic offers various activities for its visitors.
Once flocked by tourists wanting to take a dip at the beach, Subic now offers a variety
of activities for all ages. There’s the Subic Bay Ocean Adventure for young children,
duty-free shopping markets for the young-adult, and casinos for the adults.

The area is also a popular place for surfers, subic divers, and nature lovers.
Its tourism department dubs Subic Bay
as the "Philippines' No. 1 playground for sports and extreme adventures" and its wide
offering of outdoor activities, nature trails, and camping spots lives up to the slogan.
There is even a survival training camp for those who truly wish to rough it and experience
an extreme adventure.

The White Rock Beach Resort is one of the most popular spots in Subic to visit.

Brief History

Until the year 1992, Subic Bay hosted the largest US Naval Base in the Pacific, one of the largest US military bases outside the main United States land. Since then, the area has been managed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

Subic History (Wikipedia)

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