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About Pampanga and its History


Pampanga is a province located in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Although not as widely used as the NAIA in Pasay, the Diosadado Macapagal International Airport in Angeles City, Pampanga can also serve local and international flights. This province is also the site of the former U.S. Clark Air Base as well as the Basa Air Base, two of the Philippine’s Air Force bases. Pampanga is considered the Culinary Center of the Philippines, offering a host of very delectable dishes that will certainly satisfy any taste bud. This culinary delight is most present when attending one of their many festivals.

Inhabitants are commonly called Pampangueños. Their dialect, “Kapampangan” can be widely heard among the locals. They take pride as one of the first eight provinces who revolted against the Spaniards during the Spanish Rule in the Philippines. Farming and fishing remain as the major industries of the area.

Brief History

The name "Pampanga" (from the word "Pangpang", meaning river bank) was coined by the Spaniards who found the early natives living near the river banks. Created in 1571, Pampanga is the oldest province in Central Luzon.

When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991, many Pampangueños were forced to move to other territories because the whole town was submerged in ashes. Since then, many houses, schools, churches, and commercial establishments have once again been built inside the province.

Pampanga History (Wikipedia)

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