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About Leyte and its History


Leyte is a province located in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. It is characterized mostly by lush forests and grand mountainscapes, except for the agricultural Leyte Valley. In local history, Leyte is most famous for being the province where General Douglas MacArthur returned to the Philippines to help liberate the Filipinos from Japanese.

This historical province is a convergence between the old and new, being the birthplace of the national Filipino dance called “Tinikling” while housing the modern geothermal electric power plants of the country.

Brief History

When Spanish explorer Ruy Lopez de Villalobos first landed on Leyte, he called it “Las Islas Felipinas”.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf happened in the surrounding waters of Leyte. In history, this is considered as the largest naval battle during the Second World War, fought between the US-Australian troops and Japanese Navy. Leyte played a crucial role in liberating the Philippines from the brutal Japanese rule. Notably, Leyte was where Gen. Douglas MacArthur promised to return to the Philippines to help free the country.

Leyte History (Wikipedia)

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