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About Laguna and its History


Laguna is situated to the southeast of Metro Manila, just outside the city. It belongs to the CALABARZON region and surrounds Laguna de Bay, the biggest lake in the Philippines. In particular, this province draws crowds for its picturesque Pagsanjan and Taytay Waterfalls. In Los Baños and Calamba, tourists can enjoy invigorating hot spring resorts around the area; in San Pablo City, tourists can have a view of the seven lakes that adorn the region. For more adventurous visitors, Mt. Makiling is a popular hiking spot.

Laguna is also known for being the birthplace of none other but the country's national hero, Jose Rizal.

Brief History

Laguna was derived from the Spanish term “lago,” meaning lake or lagoon. In Philippine history, the province was once loyal to the Spanish rulers, fighting on their side when the British Army tried to invade the perimeter. However, due to abuses by the Spanish colonizers and the persecution of Jose Rizal and his family, the province later became one of the first 8 provinces that revolted against Spain.

Laguna History (Wikipedia)

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