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About Dumaguete and its History


Dumaguete is the capital and largest city in the Negros Oriental province, located in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Aside from being the principal seaport of the province, Dumaguete is also referred to as a university town as it houses universities and colleges attended by locals. Most remarkable is the Protestant Silliman University which is the first private American university in Asia.

Dumaguete is also a popular destination amongst Europeans because of its numerous beautiful beach resorts and dive sites, dolphin and whale watching sites, as well as its convenient proximity to the city of Cebu.

Brief History

Dumaguete came from the Visayan word “daggit” which means “to snatch”. Legends say that the city has a power to attract people and keep visitors for good, which gave it the name “dumaguet” which means “to swoop”.

Dumaguete History (Wikipedia)

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