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About Davao and its History


Davao is the largest city in the island of Mindanao. It is fast becoming the business and commercial hub in the southern portion of the Philippine islands. In the downtown areas, diving spots and hiking trails are getting the attention of more adventurous visitors. Davao is known for its natural beauty, most notably for the highest mountain in the Philippines – Mt. Apo.

Davao is considered as one of the cleanest and safest city in the country. Aside from this, Davao, is also an excellent place for foodies who love fresh seafood and fresh fruits. In particular, those audacious enough can try out the Durian, which is notorious for its smell but loved for its taste. In fact, this fruit has been mixed into different delicacies in the region, from coffee to candy.

Brief History

When Don Jose Cruz de Uyanguren of Spain first arrived in Davao, he called the region “Nueva Vergara,” in honor of his hometown in Spain. However, he was not able to fulfill his roles so he was replaced as a governor by Marquis de Solana. In 1867, Nueva Vergara was changed back to Davao due to insistent public demands. The word “davao” came from three Bagobo terms: “Dabo” by Tagabawa, “Dawaw” by Giangan, and “Davah” by Obo.

Davao History (Wikipedia)

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