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About Batangas and its History


Batangas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines and is only a few hours drive away from Metro Manila. Because of this, it is one of the preferred swimming and snorkeling site of Manileños. The province has many beaches and diving spots; the most well-known are in Anilao, Matabungkay, Punta Fuego, and Laiya.

Brief History

Batangas was once called “Kumintang”

Even before the Spaniards arrived in the region, Batangueños already showed craftsmanship through their jewelries made of shells and intricately-designed potteries. Research shows that their ancestors believed in life after death, as much furniture has been excavated together with skulls of Batangas ancestors.

In 1570, Spanish generals Juan de Salcedo and Martin de Goiti discovered Batangas while on the way to Manila. Franciscan missionaries later came to the area and spread Christianization, starting from the town of Taal. Batangas was one of the first 8 provinces that revolted against the Spanish Empire. When the Americans conquered the country and forbade the Philippine flag to be unfurled, Batangas became the center of activities for revolutionary warriors. During World War II, many establishments in Batangas were destroyed by Japanese bombings. Since then, the province has been slowly recuperating.

Batangas History (Wikipedia)

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