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Golden Sunset Resort

Golden Sunset Resort

Hotel Address: Calatagan, Batangas City, Philippines
Rating: (3 star hotel)


About the Hotel

An ode to the romantic sunset that the Philippines is famous for, The Golden Sunset Resort is a gateway to the magnificence that Batangas has to offer. Owned by a famous hairdresser in the country, Ricky Reyes, guests can be assured that the hotel upholds a passion for meticulous service and luxury that can be seen through the attentive personnel and the tastefully designed rooms.

The resort is located in Calatagan, a part of Batangas where one can get a taste and feel of old Manila. You can also behold nature at its finest - lush vivid greenery, birds singing a lovely melody above crystal clear azure waters, and the famed golden sunset.

Hotel Room Rates

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Accommodation Details

There are several native-styled cottages that blend perfectly with nature's display. Inside, contemporary design is accentuated by Filipino paintings.

Depending on your budget and size, there are several room types to choose from:

1. Junior Suite / Honeymoon Suite (Air-conditioned)
- 2 persons
- One of the most luxurious rooms in the resort
- Living room

2. Garden Cove (Air-conditioned)
- 2-4 persons
- single beds

3. Deluxe Room (Air-conditioned)
- 1-4 persons
- single / double beds

4. Standard Room (Air-conditioned)
- 1-2 persons
- single / double beds

5. Family Suite (Air-conditioned)
- 10-12 persons
- double bed with double deck
- small living room

6. Dormitory Loft (Fan Cooled)
- Good for 4-6 persons
- bunk beds

7. Barkadahan Suite (Air-conditioned)
- Good for 12-30 persons
- great for barkada road trips or for team buildings
- bunk beds

8. Dormitory Room (Fan Cooled)
- 10-15 persons
- bunk beds

Facilities and Amenities

- Butterfly sanctuary
- Swimming pool
- Jacuzzi

Golden Sunset Resort Map

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A Hotel in Batangas

Around 2 and a half hours away from the south of Metro Manila

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