Pinterest + Map Tutorial = For those with the Travel Bug

Are you one of the many people hopelessly addicted to pinning images on Pinterest? Well, the photo sharing social site is giving you another reason to keep pinning, re-pinning, and heart-ing – introducing… the MAP feature! This was specifically created for all the people caught with the wanderlust bug.

At the moment, you probably have a couple of boards for all your travels – those you’ve gone to, and those you dream of going to. Moving forward, you can edit these boards to include a map. You can also create a new board with a map of course.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Create a board, and turn on the map functionality by choosing YES

Step 2. Once you create the board, you will see a brand new screen with a map on the right side of the screen. On the left, you will be asked to add a place of your choosing. ┬áIn my case, I typed in “Banaue Rice Terraces”. After loading a bit, it zoomed into the part of the Philippine map where this beautiful landmark is located. It will return several results related to what you typed so click on the “Map it” button beside the most appropriate location.

Step 3. Once you click on the button, the photo magic happens! Loads of photos related to the location will be shown on the left side of the screen. BUT FIRST: you need to include a description of the place before you can start pinning and re-pinning. After typing a few words, the images will be selectable. Choose your favorite pin/s or upload your own photo. To choose your favorite pin, simply hover your mouse over the image that tickles your travel fancy then press the “Pin It” button.

And you’re done! Once you pin it, you will see your board like so:

Go on and pin like crazy, fellow Pinterest addicts! Be sure to share your best works below

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