Manly Eats at Podium: From Bacon to Beets

Last June 22, I headed to the upper floor of Podium and was greeted by one of the sweetest fragrances I have ever smelled in my whole entire life – bacon. It was apparent, just by the scent of it, that it was no ordinary overly commercialized run-of-the-mill bacon. It had a very nice smokey, rich scent to it, and on that note, my delicious journey to Manly Eats began.

The bacon tasted just as it had smelled – divine. Before I even continue, I want to apologize for not taking photos. It is hard to remember to take photos when one is hungry – it’s a tummy first, brain second kind of sickness.

As a girl, I was kind of afraid to actually go into the Manly Eats, simply because I figured only manly food would be there – you know, the super oily, bad for you kind of food, or the hunky, chunky cuts of meat. But I was surprised to find that there was a good variety of dishes to try out. In fact, despite having a venue smaller than some of the other food events I’ve been to, this event particularly stood out for me – proof that it’s not about the quantity; it’s about the quality!

I can tell you about the tasty sisig I had that was obviously homemade from scratch. Or the artisanal beverages that were being sold right at the entrance. But the most vivid taste memory I had of the event came from S’wich, a sandwich booth of concoctions crafted by an unexpected chef who is more well known in the Japanese cuisine – Chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama fame. I am always inspired by people who are constantly expanding and improving themselves – especially when the outcome is phenomenal.

The S’wich had a humble menu: 4 sandwiches. 2 desserts. I first had the Grilled cheese sandwich because I am a sucker for chorizo. It was delicious and I loved that the sauce was oozing out, even though I didn’t get as much of a chorizo kick as I wanted.

And then I had the highlight of my day: The Frenchman. It was delicious. No, I didn’t go cannibalistic all of a sudden (the event was “Manly eats”, not “Men to eat”!) The Frenchman was the name they coined for a very simple sandwich comprised of five French components: baguette, brie cheese, pickled beets, butter, and truffled honey.

First, you get a bite of the fresh, crusty bread, and then you get an earthy nudge (I surmise from the truffled honey), and the sweetness of the honey complements the soft, creamy brie. And then the finale is that kick from the tangy-sweet pickled beets. It was sooooo good! The photo I took fails to do the sandwich justice.

Coincidentally, the Manly Eats is having their second event at Podium this weekend – October 4 to 6. Drop by, men and women alike! Let the sweet smell of bacon usher you in. And if the Frenchman is around, do check him it out!

Speaking of bacon, you might want to sink your teeth into these interesting little things: Bacon Lollipops!

For more info, head on over to the Pinoy Eats World Facebook page

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