A Beautiful Day Trip at Thunderbird Resorts, Rizal

One fine weekday, we decided to ditch work and head to the Thunderbird Resort in Rizal, Antipolo. After a smooth ride, we arrived at our destination. It was a large compound surrounded by spacious lands and waters. Beyond the waters, the urban jungle seemed so far away – a sign that our daily worries were also far away!

A short walk from the parking lot and we were able to see the resort itself and to the right, the swimming pool and a poolside restaurant. We were ready to take a swim! But first, we went inside the lobby to “check in”  to our day trip.

I was super pleased to see the jacuzzi, which was facing the beautiful view of the waters and the city. I get cold way too easily so the hot water of the jacuzzi was really welcome! After a dip, we decided to get lunch. The day trip included enough credits for a hearty meal from the poolside restaurant, which we decided to eat by the cozy gazebo. The food was nothing fancy, but it was delicious and flavorful Filipino food and it really hit the spot!

Since we didn’t want to take a dip under the fierce afternoon sun, we decided to check out the rest of the resort, one of the highlights of which was the casino! Included in our day tour was a match play coupon. Don’t be too excited about this coupon – it’s not exactly a free game. You’d have to spend as well and only if you win in that particular game will you get the rewards of the coupon. We still used it though and had a blast :) The great thing about going on a weekday afternoon is that the place is almost empty so the dealers were happy enough to accommodate newbies like me. And there was no heavy cigarette smell!

We also asked the staff if they could show us the inside of the rooms, which they politely accepted. The room at Thunderbird was looked very comfortable and classy inside and it’s definitely a good overnight option.

After some more exploring, we were finally ready to go back to the jacuzzi and pool again. There are only two shower rooms provided so again, I was thankful we went on an off-peak date.

By night time, more guests started coming in but they were mostly hanging out by the poolside restaurant which had turned into a bar.  I can understand why they would decide to enjoy their night out there. Affordable and tasty food enjoyed with a relaxing view and cool breeze is definitely the best way to unwind! We decided to luxuriate a bit and try out their fine dining restaurant, Koi. We tried the Angus beef tapa – it was sadly a bit of a letdown. The tapa tasted like your run-of-the-mill tapa except that it was much more expensive. It was too oily too. The kebabs were delicious though.

Suffice to say, this is one place I’d love to go back to. Perhaps for an overnight stay to enjoy the spa treatment as well?

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