Puzzle Mansion: Resort and Museum

We were on our way to Marcia Adams’ restaurant (more on that on the next post) in Tagaytay when we noticed a sign pointing to the Puzzle Mansion. Being a fan of Jigsaw puzzles myself, we decided to make a detour and go to the place. After getting lost a bit, we finally found the place, tucked away in a private street. The road going to the mansion / resort itself is an extremely steep road, and we didn’t want to risk bringing our sedan in so we decided to just take a walk instead.

The most distinct thing you see in the compound is the infinity pool on the right and a blue sign that says “Puzzle Mansion”. Around you is a lush garden.

A man immediately catered to our needs and asked us if we would like to go check out the jigsaw puzzle collection. We said yes of course. It would be a waste not to check it out after the hike and the drive! When we came, there were decorations being set up outside – turns out the owner of the collection was going to receive a Guinness World Record for the largest jigsaw collection in the world! Now that’s quite a feat indeed!

This made us get even more excited to go inside the museum. The museum was a very simple room but it was bedecked with a LOT of framed jigsaw puzzles. There were puzzles of cute animals, of realistic scenery, of Hello Kitty… the list went on! She even dabbled in 3D puzzles.

It was a really unique experience and I’m very proud to say that I actually witnessed a Guinness record feat in person :) You would probably just stay 30 minutes to an hour in the museum, but it’s a feast for the eyes, especially for fellow jigsaw aficionados.

The Puzzle Mansion is not just a puzzle mansion of course. Beside it are cozy rooms for booking (when we went there, a wedding entourage had just checked out) and a very inviting infinity pool. It also has a function room good for 400 guests and a 24-hour cafe. It’s a good Tagaytay resort option!

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