Gyu-Kaku Yakiniku in Fort Bonifacio – Resto Review

The Gyu-Kaku restaurant is one of the many restaurants in a strip in Fort Bonifacio known collectively as the W Global Center. It stands among famous International restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen and the much hyped about IHOP. Guests from the luxury hotel, Sedo, will be pleased to know that these restos are just a very brief walk away!

It was a rainy night when we went came. So the heat from the grill was most welcome indeed. The place has 2 floors. We were ushered to the 2nd floor, where a large window was situated, overlooking the (currently rainy) view. We were flanked by Japanese guests, a good sign that the restaurant is indeed an authentic Japanese Yakiniku place.

Health-conscious as I was, we went for the Harami beef, because it had lower fat content compared to the others. The server, a very genuinely friendly girl, asked us which sauce we want to go with it:┬áTare, Shio, Miso, Spicy Miso. To decide which sauce is best for you, here’s a brief description of each.

Tare is sweet-salty. Shio is salt. Miso is salty soybean based. Spicy Miso is a spicy version of Miso. We went with Tare and I must say it was a good choice as it really cut through the grilled meat and kept our appetites perked up.

Apart from that, we got grilled pumpkin and onigiri.

In a matter of minutes, a guy came to place some very hot charcoal in the heating facility. And it was finally grill time!

Stuff I loved about the place:

1. You are each given an apron which you can take home. Hooray for souvenirs!

2. It had a separate tong for the raw food and cooked food. I think this is something all grill places should adopt to avoid food poisoning!

3. The Tare sauce was, indeed, very delicious and went perfectly with the beef

4. The beef was tender and flavorful

5. The server attended to our needs and answered all our newbie questions flawlessly.

Some stuff that I didn’t quite like:

1. The pumpkin wasn’t very flavorful and took forever to cook. In the end, it didn’t take on that soft pumpkin fragrance I expected.

2. The onigiri could have been a perfect hit; however, they opted to use non Japanese rice so the rice wasn’t as sticky as it should have been. The result was that some of the rice would crumble and fall apart whenever we grilled it. It also took forever for it to get that very hard toasted exterior.

All in all, I’d come back here again and look for more delicious stuff to go with the beef.

Trivia: Gyu Kaku, IHOP, and the rest of the restaurants in this strip are all owned by the same person! We were actually planning on trying out IHOP but due to the ridiculously long line, we headed to Gyu Kaku. I told the Gyu Kaku waitress I’d like to have my name removed from the IHOP waiting list before heading to eat, but she assured me it didn’t matter. They were all owned by the same group anyway ;)

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