A day at Manila Ocean Park and H2O Hotel: Beyond Fishes

Everyone on the Philippines should make it a point to head to Manila Ocean Park and H2O hotel at least once in their life. I mean it! Don’t let the name fool you – Manila Ocean Park goes beyond the fishes and the sea world, though yes of course, you do get to experience that as well.

There are a lot of blog articles out there already about the sea experience of Manila Ocean Park – from the jellyfish exhibit, to penguin feeding, to watching the dolphins. So allow me instead to provide a different glimpse into the experience.

A Feast for the Eyes at Seri Fantasy World

This is a small area in the complex which features a hall of mirrors, a hall of 3D illusions, and a 3D movie theater. All of them are very modest-sized but they are still worth checking out.

A tour guide will let you experience all the photo op worthy illusions you can do with mirrors all around you, and you will enjoy trying to guess which one’s a mirror and which one’s a free space going to the exit. It would have been even better if the space was much bigger so that it was more of a challenging maze.

The hall of 3D illusions are art prints painted on the walls and floors that have a surprising 3D effect. Again, they are photo op worthy backdrops for you to explore your creativity and posing prowess.

The 3D movie theater showcases 3D shows perfect for kids.

All three of these attractions are perfect for kids… and the kids at heart.

A Food Trip at Makan Makan Village

After all those illusions, you must have worked up quite an appetite, so head on over to the Makan Makan Village just across the Seri Fantasy World. Here, you can enjoy delectable treats from across Asia – from the Singaporean Hainanese Chicken to Chinese dimsum to our very own pork sinigang. This is where I’ve had the best chong fan in the Philippines, so if you’re a fan of those thing rice noodle sheets, you better try theirs. I was pleased to find that the prices of the food here are reasonable enough.

A Rad Time at R.A.D.

Somewhere along the line of shops outside the Makan Makan Village stands a small arcade called R.A.D. or Real Action Depot. It has a few sets of futuristic looking driving arcade games, and then a small shooting gallery on either side with some very realistic looking guns. They were real heavy, too! And shooting produced this very loud sound. I really enjoyed this game. I felt like a star from an action movie haha.

Sunset by the Sea

Get a seat at their roofdeck bar by 3PM then wait until the sun sets and the whole sky is engulfed in vibrant colors of red and orange, while the sea below reflects its majesty in soft ripples. It’s truly an enchanting sight!

Chilling at the Lobby

The lobby of H2O hotel is a very relaxing and modern space with comfortable chairs, and all-glass windows for you to enjoy the sea outside. Even the business center / computer area provides the same view – this will surely make you more productive with any work you need to do. I’m glad they didn’t go overboard with the whole fishes theme and placed an aquarium in this area. It just made the space more classy.

Negative Ions at Zenyu Spa

I was surprised when the Zenyu Eco Spa at the Hotel H2O was proudly offering negative ions. What’s so positive about negative ions anyway? It turns out that negative ions can nourish and revitalize your body! The lobby of the hotel has some negative ions but if you want the full experience, book a hot bed treatment. For 30 plus minutes, you will be placed inside a sauna room, where all the materials used there are emitting hot ions.

Before heading to the hot room, you are given a shot of enyzme to drink which tasted like wine. Then, clothed in their robes, you head into the oven-like room. It’s a great way to sweat it out and release your toxins. It’s also a co-ed space so you can turn it into a more creative date ;)

Another spa treatment to try out is the fish spa. Okay, I know my blog title said “Beyond Fishes” but hear me out first! This one’s worth noting, because in the boys’ and girls’ shower room, there is a little sanctuary there with a small pool filled with clean water and fishes that were flown in from abroad. If you haven’t heard of this treatment, basically the fishes are there to eat the dead skin cells of your body – a neat way to exfoliate! Just a look at the pool and you can tel that it’s well-maintained.

Hope I’ve convinced you to head on over to Manila Ocean Park and Hotel H2O soon. Better explore ALL the wonders it has to offer! :) For more details on Hotel H2O and booking info, click here.

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