Pet Friendly Hotels in Manila – Yay or Nay?

People love pets in general. What’s not to love, after all? They’re little furry balls of cuteness, and they are always ever loyal!

Of course, when we love someone, we want to bring him/her wherever we go. It is a disheartening fact, then, for these pet owners, when they find that the particular hotel they’re staying at does not allow pets. I can imagine them feeling just like Snoopy did in the “Snoopy Come Home” movie when the baritone voice sang “No Dogs Allowed”:

no pets allowed sign in establishments

With more Filipinos getting into the pet love, it comes to no surprise that more establishments are starting to embrace Snoopy’s kind, and other pets. We’ve got malls like Eastwood that are proudly pet-friendly.

Some hotels have also joined in on the movement to welcome these creatures with open arms. From luxury 5 star hotels to serviced apartments, you can pick a few handful accommodations that will allow you to bring your pet, so you can truly enjoy your stay-cation or travel.

1. Oakwood Premier Hotel is a luxurious condotel right in the heart of Ortigas Center. The accommodation is pet-friendly and quite proud of it, too! In fact, head on over to their Facebook page and you’ll see a large photo of Heart Evangelista enjoying the comfortable bed with a dog:

oakwood hotel pet friendly banner

There are caveats of course. Obviously, you need to take care of your dog and pick up after him/her. You’ll also have to bring a vaccination certificate. Lastly, a weight limit is enforced – 75 pounds.

2. Somerset Olympia in Makati has a tower dedicated to guests with furry companions

3. Online sources say that The Pearl Hotel Manila is also a pet-friendly destination. Kindly inquire with them to confirm this fact.

It goes without saying that pet owners appreciate this convenience, but this “Pets Allowed” policy may not sit well with others. For instance, consider those who are allergic to fur. Or those who are simply afraid of dogs. And while we do recognize that the general pet-owning populace is responsible enough to clean up after their pets and keep them on a leash, there are those who aren’t as conscientious, which results in unsightly mess and stress that you do not want to experience especially during your vacation.

On the very opposite end, I recall the ongoing issue in the apartment I live. Just a few months ago, the administration put an iron fist on the No Pets Policy that was drafted years back but never implemented. Even among the administration, the enforcement of the rule was met with disagreement – some of the members owned dogs themselves. It’s still a very hot topic now but what I do know is that several floors have a foul odor as a result of irresponsible owners and it is for this very reason that the rest of the tenants are complaining. The fact that 90% of the unit owners don’t own pets was a factor as well.

If we could easily separate the responsible pet owners from the irresponsible ones, then we would have utopia. But as with most debates and problems, the solution is never that simple.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of enjoying your vacation in a pet-friendly hotel?


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