Bourne Legacy Trailer feat. Manila Scenes

The Bourne Legacy Trailer has been released and it features some Manila scenes and… a drifting jeepney!

Now for those of you who are confused how this relates to Matt Damon’s Bourne trilogy, let me clarify some things:
1. Jeremy Renner is NOT Jason Bourne. He’s Aaron Cross, another asset.
2. He is acting upon events that Jason Bourne ignited.
3. Edward Norton and company wants to burn the whole program down and kill all the assets.

Some Filipinos have been complaining that the movie did not feature the better parts of the city. For starters, this is an action movie and not a chick flick, so don’t expect Jeremy Renner and company gallivanting around Luneta or Intramuros. They’re killing people and running away from the government and the police, and this type of action is better associated with less scenic areas. This was also the case for other countries for other movies, not just ours. Secondly, we haven’t actually seen the whole movie yet, so how about we give it the benefit of the doubt? Besides, the very fact that such a big blockbuster (with big A list actors) chose to shoot on our country reflects positively on us because they gave us their trust and they were able to finish the movie safely and with ease.

Finally, let’s wait till they show the El Nido scenes, I’m sure those will be beautiful!

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