What to do in Manila during the Holy Week Long Vacation

The long weekend vacation is finally here, and I’m sure a lot of you are outside Manila, your toes digging into the fine white sand of Boracay, feasting your eyes on the wildlife at the Zoobic Safari, or enjoying the scenery of Bohol. Some of us, however, are stuck here in Manila, and with the malls and most restaurants closed, it can be quite tricky to find something to do.

Here are some suggestions to fight off boredom:

1. Reflection
The Holy Week was ideally and initially meant for people to reflect upon their devotion and the passion of Christ. Perhaps all the closed establishments is a welcome idea – it gives you more free time to just sit down and pray. Or read the bible. Or go to Church. It’s also good for the body and mind to wind down.

2. Board game / Video Game / Shabu Shabu Day
Invite a couple of friends over at your house, bring out your board games, or your Rock Band set, or your PS3, and play the day away! For lunch or dinner, consider hosting a Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot) and have your guests bring some raw food for a nice refreshing potluck idea, which involves cooking your food in boiling hot broth in front of you and dipping it in some delectable sauces.

3. Still itching to step out of your house?
If you’re still missing the great urban outdoors, you can head to some Starbucks branches which are open today, like the one in Congressional, Magallanes, and Waltermart. Or, you can go hang out at one of the lobbies of the luxurious hotels that dot the metro. You can head to Makati Shangri-la where you can also enjoy the peaceful music of their live orchestra. Or, you can get a sumptuous buffet at the Heat, located in the sprawling Edsa Shangri-La Ortigas Hotel.

Consider checking into a hotel in Metro Manila, enjoy a dip on the swimming pool, and getting a relaxing massage – a very welcomed one after the hectic work lifestyle of the city.

And if you still can’t handle it… you can always ride off to the nearer out of town spots, like Tagaytay and Batangas for a spontaneous getaway! The most important thing, for us, is the company of family and friends.

We hope you make the most of this long vacation. Cheers!

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