Our Top 5 Fave Booths at Best Food Forward 2012

This year, all the concessionaires truly put their best food forward and our appetites were fully satisfied! I had a lot of delicious treats during the event but if I were to choose my top 5 favorite munchies during the event, it would be the following:

1. The Angus Beef Brisket Ciabatta Sandwich by Claudia’s Kitchen:
Angus Beef Sandwich
Sandwiched between two fresh, crusty Ciabatta bread slices, you get a generous amount of Angus beef brisket slices. They’re sliced pretty thick that your initial fear is that they’ll end up tough and hard to chew, but one bite of this sandwich, and you’re proven wrong. The beef is tender and tasty, adorned with a bed of fresh crunchy greens and an equally delicious sauce – a sweet barbecue sauce with a hint of some Indian spice that adds another layer of flavor to the sandwich. Suffice to say, I could have eaten several sandwiches.

Claudia’s Kitchen – Facebook Page

2. Leche Flan in a Bottle by Sugar Cakes (by Ana’s Kitchen)

leche flan coconut sugar

The first thing you’re drawn to is the quirky idea of eating leche flan in a bottle. When you open the bottle, the flan looks unassuming, not particularly special, but one spoonful of the stuff and you’re sure to get hooked! The flan does not have the cloying, artificial taste that many store bought leche flans have, and I think it is partly because of the use of coconut sugar. The consistency is also very different, much softer, doesn’t really have much of a form (which is probably why they used a bottle), almost like a Panacotta, but even softer.

Speaking of Panacotta…

3. Kenacotta

panacotta kenacotta

Named after the owner, Ken, the Panacotta is just the right amount of sweetness. Texture is perfect and the fruit toppings are fresh.

4. Fish Eggs Spread by Choco ATBP

After trying a sample of this, I instantly wanted to buy a bottle of the stuff. It tastes like anchovy with a hint of garlic and tastes great on bread or with pasta. The owner also suggested placing it on rice with a sprinkling of kalamansi. A great pick me up for the morning!

5. Mochi Ice Cream by Mochiko

Mochi Ice Cream

This great round delicacy starts off being too frozen to eat but once you start biting into it, then savoring the filling inside, you are instantly transported to dessert heaven!

There were a lot of other great finds in the fair, like the butter beer, Simply Pie’s gourmet quiches, and a stall that offered prime duck liver pate and a jackfruit seed dip which I failed to get the name of! (Help me out and comment below if you know what booth I’m referring to!) Thank you to Kenacotta for informing me of the booth’s name – It’s Jaq’s Kitchen!

The verdict? I can’t wait till Best Food Forward 2013!

How did you guys find the event? Comment below!


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4 Responses to Our Top 5 Fave Booths at Best Food Forward 2012

  1. Ken Ferrer says:

    Hi!!! Thank you for having us as one of your top 5 favorite food booths at the Best Food Forward 2012! Such an honor :)

    The booth you were referring to which sold duck liver pate, jackfruit seed hummus and her other best sellers vodka tinapa, adobong tahong and santol rum is Jaq’s Kitchen owned by Jennie Orros. :) My stall happens to be beside hers. Hope I helped you out! :)

    -Ken of Kenacotta :)

    • Jane says:

      You’re welcome, your spot on our top 5 is very well deserved! :) Thank you so much for helping me out with the booth name, just edited my article to include that. Till next food trip!

  2. yet andin says:

    As we say in Pampanga, Dakal Pung Salamat for including our Patit’s Super Tiltilan as No. 4 among your Top 5 favorite munchies at the 2012 Best Food Forward at NBC Tent. We are so happy that you liked it :)

    Tuna Eggs (Bihod) plus the culinary wizardry of our kabalens who lovingly prepare Tiltilan for us equals a wonderfully addicting sauce. Tiltilan may be enjoyed as-is, as a dipping sauce (with kalamansi or suka with sili), or even as pasta sauce (with some olive oil in lieu of anchovies).

    Do visit us at Eastwood Mall’s (Libis QC) Weekend Gourmet Market where we regularly sustain the addiction to our Tiltilan and to our Tsokolate de Sindikato de Cacao : )

    We hope to see you soon and, again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

    • Jane says:

      I actually just made a pasta last May featuring the tuna eggs and olive oil and, yes, it was delicious :) See you soon!

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