The Best “More fun in the Philippines!” Memes

The latest slogan of the Philippines Tourism Department has just gone viral! There are a LOT of great memes out there and these are our top favorite “More Fun in the Philippines” slogans, along with some of our own creations:

What we love about the slogans above is how socially relevant and witty they are! They are a true testament to the Filipino sense of humor. I believe most of these were crafted by Mon Corpuz who has quite a lot of others on his Facebook page.

You can check out the whole campaign at:

If you were the one who made any of the photos above, please leave a comment and we’ll link to you accordingly :) Likewise, if you have others to share, post below!

Let’s hope that the Philippines tourism this 2012 soars!

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One Response to The Best “More fun in the Philippines!” Memes

  1. Mon Corpuz says:

    Hello there,

    Thanks, the Social Climber photo was courtesy of Roland Bengson. I took most of the photo from his FB album and made some versions of meme as well.


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