Hotels with Free Wifi

Wifi. With the rise of all these social websites, Filipinos constantly need to be connected and many business establishments have answered this need – coffee shops, prominent malls, and of course, hotels. Hotels who claim to be a “home away from home” should definitely consider that the average household has an internet connection. Unsurprisingly, many accommodations, including the smaller family-owned resorts, already have WiFi in their list of amenities.

Of course, competition breeds a desire to take it to the next level and free WiFi is already being offered in many establishments in hopes that one small additional feature can attract more customers. It makes a whole lot of sense – deciding between two hotels of the same price bracket, the same location, and the same rooms, a guest would go for the one providing just a bit more – in this case, free WiFi. Naturally, someone who is traveling to a different place would want a constant way to keep in touch, and in this day an age, a smart phone / iPod or other popular gadget and WiFi is all that is needed to do so.

Surprisingly enough, not all hotels have jumped on the free WiFi wagon. At the relatively cheap price of WiFi in the country, I think it should be considered a staple already, especially in luxury hotels.

At any rate, we are compiling a list of Philippine hotels with free WiFi:


Metro Manila Hotels

Outside Metro Manila

These are hotels that offer a few hours of free Internet access

Metro Manila Hotels

Comment below if you know of hotels with free WiFi and we’ll include it in the list!

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