Hyphy Pasta Buffet Review (Robinson’s Galleria)

Amidst a line of restaurants charmingly located right across the parking lot of Robinson’s Galleria in Pasig, Metro Manila, stands one of Chef Bruce Lim’s creations – Hyphy, a monument of his passion for Filipino fusion cuisine. The name in itself prepares you for what’s in store – out of the box, modern food. Thankfully, in the quest for trendiness, Chef Bruce Lim and his team did not forget the very crux of dining – the taste.

One Monday lunch, we headed over to this restaurant, and was greeted by friendly staff, a spacious place with minimalistic design, and a small unassuming buffet table with five interesting pasta dishes laid out.

At P200 per person, we were treated to an all-you-can eat Filipino pasta feast with a bottomless glass of iced tea or soda. The five dishes were Malunggay Pesto, Kaldereta Pasta, Sisig Pasta, Tuyo Kalamansi, and Clam Pasta. A server was there to assist in scooping out the pasta for you – something I appreciated in the spirit of good hygiene.

All the dishes were competently made. The pasta was all cooked al dente, as expected from Chef Bruce Lim’s caliber. Several dishes, however, lacked a bit of a kick, so to speak. The Tuyo Kalamansi was supposed to be a great fusion between the spiciness of the tuyo flakes and the tanginess of the Kalamansi, but the latter was lacking. We were able to get a kalamansi and just a little sprinkle of it made the dish a lot tastier and more memorable.

The Sisig pasta combined one of the most beloved Filipino “pulutan” fare with a creamy / cheesy consistency, and was very enjoyable, though I would have wanted to taste the sisig more.

What stood out the most for me was the Malunggay pesto. The pesto mix was perfect and there was the grainy texture that I always look for in a pesto dish. The grilled chicken topping and its sweet succulent taste made the dish come alive. It was really a well-executed dish – simple yet thoughtfully created – something I believe Chef Bruce Lim has always stood for.

By our third plate of pasta, we were all too full to try out the remaining 2 but from the looks of it, they seemed to be tasty as well.

Aside from the buffet, we decided to try their soups – minestrone, clam chowder, and Molo soup. The Molo soup dumplings were lovingly handmade, though I felt like the broth, dumpling, toasted garlic toppings, and grated carrot toppings did not come together as perfectly I expected. The minestrone was very tasty and hearty, though a bit too thick for our preferences. The clam chowder won the soup battle for us – consistency was nice and creamy, the soup was hearty (Hyphy did not scrimp on the ingredients and we were able to dig into a cornucopia of potatoes, clams, etc.), and it was presented in a bread bowl.

All in all, I would go back to this restaurant but I would perhaps just focus on one pasta dish rather than go buffet style – I would expect it to taste even better that way. The food and ambiance is good though not something I would rave endlessly about. Finally, value for money is okay – definitely not cheap, but not exorbitant either.

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