The Adobo Connection

There is something about Adobo that reminds us of good old home cooking. Perhaps it’s the memory of your mother (or lola) whipping up this dish for you and the memory of the delicious aroma wafting out from the kitchen. Perhaps it’s the fact that we know that with just a few basic ingredients we can cook up a delicious meal for us. Whatever the reason is, Adobo is quite ingrained into our culture.

Adobo Connection brings this heartwarming dish to us in a laid back restaurant setting. What is good to note is that the restaurant has combined good old home cooking with the fast food concept. Upon ordering, your adobo is served to you in mere minutes, but you know that the dish has been cooked with more love than the cold, overly commercialized fast food joints in the city. Plus, you know that it’s healthier and that the speed is only a result of the stew being pre-cooked to make the meat tender.

My friend and I tried the Mama’s Adobo and Modern Adobo – two of their specialties.

chicken adobo connection

Sweet. Garlicky. Chicken Adobo.

Mama’s adobo is a chicken adobo dish with a sweet thick sauce with a few crunchy garlic bits. The chicken is tender, the sauce is a good accompaniment to the rice and stimulates the appetite. Though the taste is nothing phenomenal, the taste is comforting and for an adobo, I think that’s all that matters.

adobo connection modern adobo

Nutty. Hint of spice. Pork Adobo.

The modern adobo isn’t very modern, in my opinion. But it does have a unique nutty taste to it, with a hint of spiciness. The pork is fork-tender but again the taste is nothing awe-inspiring.

Verdict: If you want straightforward, healthy food served in a jiffy, Adobo Connection is a good choice. Take note though that the serving size of these dishes is a bit small. At the end of the dish, I felt like I could still eat a couple more spoonfuls.

Adobo Connection has several branches in Metro Manila.

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